Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sprint 4 - Portfolio Mermaid piece (in progress)

    The amount of roadblocks I ran into over the final week, both in real life and with software, was somehow still surprising and clearly I didn't plan with enough leeway. Looking back there's also a very specific point when I tried to condense my subtool in Zbrush into a 3 or 4 meshes, and this has led to hours of trouble shooting bad mesh bakes/ fixing and redoing ugly UVs. 

    From here I need to finish texturing her, add some bones to pose her arms like in the original concept, and get some nice renders of her posed and portfolio ready. By tomorrow night I should be done with texturing, Tuesday I can get her arms rigged and posed, and hopefully by Wednesday night I can have all of my renders photoshopped and pretty and portfolio ready. 

Friday, June 11, 2021

Sprint 2 Contribution


This sprint I was assigned to create the mute doorknocker and send it on to Alex to be rigged. I accomplished that and slapped some generic materials to test the mesh map bakes, and overall the results are pretty positive.

My second task for this sprint was to texture Ludo, and after some trouble setting up UDIMs and an overall plasticy look when in-game, I managed to adjust everything into 1 4k texture map set. His roughness values and horn textures have also been adjusted based on what I saw in-engine. 
For this upcoming 3rd sprint I just need to finalize the textures for the door knockers as well, and make any improvements that I can optimizing or tweaking textures.

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Week 3 Portfolio Piece- Mermaid Sculpt finished and Game Res created

Finished high resolution sculpt of the Mermaid in Zbrush. 
I tried to accentuate edges and natural highlight points along her body, both to stylize and make her feel otherworldy, as well as in the style of many art deco statues that I found as reference.
Close up on Hands and finger nails.

Her game resolution head in Maya. Wireframe below. Since I will only have time to get some renders that match the original concept, in which she is almost already posed, I let ZBrush ZRemesher handle most of the bulk of the body and I went in personally to quad draw her face and neck. Her mouth wont be opening but I still took the chance to practice making proper face topology.
 From here I'll UV her, texture her, and the add some a basic skeleton to be able to pose her arms and torso for the final renders.

Monday, May 31, 2021

Portfolio Piece - Mermaid - Week 2

Due to some real-life complications and time losses over the weekend I'm not totally finished with the sculpt like I would have liked by the end of memorial day, but I'm not so far behind that a couple extra hours over the next two days wont catch me up. Some more minor detail sculpting on the headpiece, plus finishing up the bandeua/bra thing and sculpting the bottom tail fins will finish the sculpt. 


Friday, May 28, 2021

Sprint 1 Contribution - Labyrinth VR


For this first sprint I UV'd Ludo's gameres geo and tested how the normals would bake onto it; it went pretty well! 
proxy textures to get the point across...
I then moved onto to my Sprint 2 responsibility of sculpting the Muted Door Knocker using the above image as a reference.

WIP Sculpt in ZBrush.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Portfolio Piece 1 - Week 1 - Mermaid

In the spirit of MerMay I decided to make one of my character pieces a mermaid, in particular one from the artist Jenna Gray as i really appreciate her style and approach to designing original mermaids.
Ultimately we decided to choose this Art-Deco 20s inspired Mermaid. 
I put together a pure ref board of more mermaid designs, art deco pieces for style reference, and real photos of women from the 1920s, a mermaid inspired photoshoot, and the clochet hats that flappers made common in the 20s.

Proxy blocking in ZBrush


Monday, April 5, 2021

Seagull for 3D Group Project


Proxy seagull for our Island Project. Focused first on big shapes and proportion, and will take it from here to add feathers and wrinkles along the legs. 
Side Profile.
3/4 face view.

Sprint 4 - Portfolio Mermaid piece (in progress)

    The amount of roadblocks I ran into over the final week, both in real life and with software, was somehow still surprising and clearly I...